Sunandaji is the daughter disciple of internationally eminent philosopher A. Parthasarathy. Under his guidance, Sunandaji has been imbibing Vedanta, the ancient philosophy of India for over three decades. Her discourse talks about the application of Bhagavad Gita in the present day scenario.

The ‘Manual for life’ is a discourse in English that is curated and crafted by Sunandaji, Daughter – Disciple of Swami Parthasarathy. She has addressed diverse audiences across four continents for the past twenty years.


Her clear and powerful presentation of ancient wisdom in contemporary thought has been acclaimed by prestigious organisations including the Young Presidents’ Organization and many leading universities around the world.

Sunandaji is a senior administrator and trustee of the Vedanta Cultural Foundation, a charitable trust dedicated to the study, research and propagation of Vedanta. The Foundation has been accorded the coveted status of a Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation by the Government of India. The Foundation also established the Vedanta Academy in Malavli Hills, 108 km from Mumbai. The Academy is a unique educational institution that imparts the knowledge of Vedanta to young men and women from all over the world.